Argonaut is my first ‘off-the-wall’ kinetic sculpture in that it rests on a flat surface and produces mesmerizing visual effects without the need for a background or wall behind it. Whether the sculpture is positioned in the corner or the center of the room, Argonaut’s synchronized symmetry at random speeds and direction is certain be an impressive, memorable addition to your home décor.

With the tap of a button, Argonaut’s sea creature-like tentacle arms come alive to create a meditative and captivating allure. Argonaut’s movement is made possible via a microprocessor- controlled motor that is quietly and precisely driven.

Argonaut's tentacle arms  are made of laminated Baltic birch covered with polymer-coated aluminum disks having a high gloss clear coat.  The top and bottom of the sculpture’s base is  solid maple enhanced with copper patina on the sides.  Customize the disks on your Argonaut by selecting from my color palette of numerous metallic, translucent, or iridescent colors.  And for the sculpture’s base, choose from 28 unique copper patina designs and enhance the beauty of your sculpture’s 14 synchronized arms.

Argonaut’s low voltage adapter can be plugged into any household outlet and draws about the same power as a cell phone charger.