This eye-catching  kinetic sculpture is made of aluminum and imported Baltic birch - all driven by a wound spring.  Hand crafted and meticulously balanced,  Black Hole is available as a signed limited edition.  Designed to perform for many years, the sculpture is constructed of sparkling black metal with a polymer-coating and laminated birch that is moisture protected with multiple layers of a polycrylic covering.

Black Hole’s mesmerizing and random expanding/contracting visual patterns are a sure way to bring a uniquely entertaining mood to your interior décor. The clock-like mechanism that drives the sculpture can be seen from the side of the sculpture – just one more reason why Black Hole will be a memorable conversation piece with your guests.

Black Hole is propelled by a stainless steel constant force spring that is fully wound by holding the rear wheel with one hand and rotating the front wheel counter clockwise for about 20 turns.  Once wound, simply release the two wheels and sit back enjoy random, mesmerizing visual patterns for up to 1 1/2 hours.