Custom Colors Available

Shown below are approximate color samples that I offer for Betelgeuse , Singularity, PinealCircumvolve, and Stellar.  The color of your choice is applied to the sculpture's metal using an atomized acrylic spray process and is sealed using a high gloss luxury automotive clear coat.

Many of my current colors include one or more of the following reflective attributes:

Sparkle: Large and small, pearl flakes with superb orientation and powerful effects. Some colors have tremendous depth and pearl brilliance.

Metallic: Shimmering base colors with tiny flakes.

Iridescent: Shimmering base colors with a slight shift in hue depending upon the angle of view, creating depth.  Iridescents contain pearl-flakes tinted with pigment.

Transparent/Candy:  Candy pigment that allows an aluminum sparkle base coat to shimmer through the color coat.

Due to digital limitations in displaying true color and actual reflective characteristics, I encourage you to make your final color selection(s) after perusing my color sample binder.  A color sample binder can be loaned to you with a nominal refundable deposit. 

I am always adding new colors, so just let me know if you don't find a color that suits you.


Current Available Colors