My inspiration for Pineal came from an old aerial photograph of a mysterious crop circle discovered at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire UK.  I was immediately intrigued by the varying profile along a spiral path and was eager to start experimenting with various animations.  Pineal got its name because of its fluid motions that resembles an eye. Given the mystery behind crop circles, I thought it fitting to consider the eye pattern as a third eye, which mystical traditions and esoteric schools have believed that the pineal gland in the center of the brain acts as a third eye linking the physical and spiritual worlds.

Pineal is my first sculpture with its pattern wheels covered entirely with a custom colored polymer coating over aluminum.  The added weight of the pattern wheels results in a slow, graceful motion with a bit of random movement.

Pineal is available in numerous different metallic, iridescent, and sparkled colors.  Check out how to select the color of your choice on the Custom Colors page.

Pineal is propelled by a stainless steel constant force spring that is fully wound by placing an index finger next to one of the spokes of the lower  pulley and turning counterclockwise for about 22 turns. Once the drive pulley is released, the sculpture will receive its first 'push' from the spring which lasts less than 2 seconds. The sculpture's pattern wheel rotate freely without any help from the spring until the pattern wheels slow enough to spin in reverse and trigger another 'push' from the spring.

Pineal will run for about  7-8 hours on a full winding.