Proto Star is a continuation of my large, electric line of kinetic sculptures that began with Nova.  Having a diameter of 48 inches, Proto Star is sure to captivate the viewer as its pattern wheels produce expanding, contracting, and pulsating visual effects. After months of  trial and error perfecting the computer-controlled motor mechanism, this calming and unique sculpture runs  nearly silent while varying in speed and direction and while each pattern wheel is stepped through more than 19,000 positions during a single revolution.

With the press of a button on Proto Star’s hub or on the key fob remote-control, the large pattern wheels begin their artful, majestic movement to create mesmerizing motion with a captivating allure.

Proto Star’s construction is a comprised of meticulously crafted and finished solid maple and aluminum. Customize the 2 tone pattern wheel spokes by selecting from my color palette of numerous metallic, translucent, or iridescent colors

Proto Star’s low voltage adapter can be plugged into any household outlet and draws about the same power as a cell phone charger.

Width: 48"
Height: 48"
Depth: 7.5"