This unique and captivating kinetic sculpture can be wall mounted or placed on a table top.   Starlet produces random, meditative patterns via a silent running, microcomputer controlled motor that is powered by any regular household outlet. Hand crafted and meticulously assembled, Starlet is available as a signed limited edition.  Designed to perform for many years, the sculpture is constructed of sparkling black metal with a polymer-coating and laminated birch that is moisture protected with multiple layers of a polycrylic covering.

The kinetic effect of Starlet is something unusual in the art world – perfect for the collector desirous of adding to a memorable living room or office décor.  Starlet’s calming movement can be a key part in creating a tranquil space or to just simply entertain inquisitive guests.

Starlet’s pattern wheels begin to rotate with the push of the power button on the underside of the sculpture.  The varying rotations last for 4 hours until automatically shutting off.  Press the power button at anytime to either stop the sculpture or restart the 4 hour run clock.

Width:     16"
Depth:     11"
Height:    22"

Width:    16"
Depth:     7.5"
Height:    19"