Stellar is my first table top kinetic sculpture that is powered from a standard household outlet.  The spinning pattern wheels vary in speed and direction to create seemingly random and mesmerizing kaleidoscopic effects.  Unlike my spring- wound sculptures that produce a rhythmic soft tapping noise during operation, Stellar runs essentially silent – perfect for a quiet environment.

Stellar’s pattern wheels are made of laminated Baltic birch covered with polymer-coated aluminum having a high gloss clear coat.  The sculpture’s base is topped with solid maple enhanced with copper patina on the sides.  Customize your Stellar pattern wheels by selecting from my color palette of numerous metallic, translucent, or iridescent colors.  And for the sculpture’s base, choose from 28 unique copper patina designs and enhance the beauty of your sculpture’s pattern wheels.

If you’re looking for an art piece that adds style and motion to  your home or office, Stellar will be a perfect fit for you!