Betelgeuse is my latest sculpture to enhance the visual effects with the use of color.  In an effort to add a reflective effect to the sculpture, the outer surface of the pattern wheels' spokes are covered with aluminum with an atomized acrylic coating with the color of your choice.  The two tone coloring of each spoke produces expanding and contracting visual patterns that shimmer under both ambient or directional lighting.

The sculpture is named after the star Betelgeuse, which is the 9th largest star in the night sky. The outer region of each spoke is colored red because the star Betelgeuse is classified as a red supergiant.

Betelgeuse is propelled by a stainless steel constant force spring that is fully wound by placing an index finger next to one of the spokes of the lower right pulley and turning counterclockwise for about 22 turns. Once the drive pulley is released, the sculpture will receive its first 'push' from the spring which lasts less than 2 seconds. The spring will not be needed again until either pattern wheel slows enough to rotate backwards.  The pattern wheels spin in opposite directions and are completely independent from each other.  When either pattern wheel rotates backwards, clock-like escape mechanism is tripped which allows the spring to impart another 'push' to the particular pattern wheel.  This cycle continues for approximately 7-8 hours.