Nova is the perfect kinetic sculpture for a room with a large wall. Having a diameter of 48 inches, Nova has an eye-catching presence and runs essentially silent with the help of computer controlled stealth motors.  This calming sculpture with its varying speed and direction brings a truly unique type of entertainment to your home or commercial décor.

With the press of a button or key fob remote control, Nova’s large pattern wheels begin their artful, majestic movement to create mesmerizing motion with a captivating allure.

Nova’s construction is a blend of meticulously crafted and finished solid maple, laminated birch, and aluminum. Customize the 2 tone pattern wheel spokes by selecting from my color palette of numerous metallic, translucent, or iridescent colors

Nova’s low voltage adapter can be plugged into any household outlet and draws about the same power as a cell phone charger.

Width:     48"
Height:    48"
Depth:    7.5"