This kinetic sculpture produces hypnotic and alluring visual patterns.  Mounted on a wall or placed on a table top, Prismatic produces varying and entertaining patterns via a silent running, microcomputer controlled motor that is powered by any regular household outlet.   Designed to perform for many years, the sculpture is constructed of sparkling black metal with a polymer-coating and laminated birch that is moisture protected with multiple layers of a polycrylic covering.

Prismatic reflects  many hours spent developing a mystifying and engaging art piece - a sculpture that brings a unique sense of movement to an interior space.  If you’re looking for something to improve your interior décor and arouse curious guests, I encourage you to consider adding a Prismatic to your home or office.

Prismatic’s pattern wheels begin to rotate with the push of the power button on the underside of the sculpture.  The varying rotations last for 4 hours until automatically shutting off.  Press the power button at anytime to either stop the sculpture or restart the 4 hour run clock.

Width:     16"
Depth:     11"
Height:    22"

Width:    16"
Depth:     7.5"
Height:    19"